Tips for Camping

Camping may seem like a fun time but if someone has never been camping before there are some things that they should know. Camping can be fun if a person has an idea of how to make it a positive experience. These are some tips to make camping a good trip.

Use Garbage Bags

When packing the camping bag be sure to line it with garbage bags. This will help keep food and clothes dry in case it rains. If it does not rain they may be useful when it comes to disposing of trash.

Pack Carefully

When packing for camping it is important to conserve as much space as possible. To make a pillow take a sleeping bag and stuff it with soft clothing. This will make a pillow and will help save some space when packing.

Use Sage

Mosquitos can be a problem when camping. To keep them away there are some tips and tricks that can be done. Sage is a herb that can be used to help keep the bugs away. When the sun begins to set throw some sage in the campfire. As the fire beings to go out and burn the sage it will help keep these pests away.

Useful Foods

There are some items that can be used to help start a fire. If a person is not sure if they are going to be able to get a fire going they can bring some things along that can help them. Corn chips or Doritos can be used to help start a fire. They are full of starch and oils and this will make it easy to help get a fire going.

These are some tips to help make camping a fun experience. With these tips, a person can have a good time and enjoy their time outdoors.Tips